First Days Bring Satisfaction

That’s true if what you do on that first day is what excites, stimulates, rests, or challenges you.

Welcome to my blog. I hope the above line of verbiage meets some of your needs. I hope you’ll chime in and participate. I hope we wend our way to dialogue.

Many thanks for the suggestion, encouragement and cajoling to Jean, Grace, Sheila, Mandy, Ruth and so many others who contributed to my willingness to show up here and speak to the stew of story.

Writing memoir has kept me busy for the past five years. Getting published will take half a lifetime, it seems.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “First Days Bring Satisfaction

  1. I read your wonderful story in a magazine called America in WWII. I found it fascinating and unique to read about womens part during the war but from a child’s view.


  2. Thank you, Pieri. Feedback on the effort of writers matters so much. I enjoyed writing that article. Magazine writing is quite different that book or essay writing. I learned a lot with the editor, who was really easy to work with, walking me through this effort.


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