Veni Vidi Vici

I think I’m all Poped out. A Pope came and after a false start, discovered the America we know, a mixed bag of beliefs, a conglomeration of many cultures (that melting pot thing), a people of a forgiving nature and a natural bent toward sharing, usually in big hand-fulls. Or is that hands-full.

We give extraordinary amounts of our largesse to the whole world because we can. Yes, we grumble about the demand, about ingratitude, about “there will never be enough” and we contend with the natural jealousy exhibited by the very nations we fund, support, even pity.

Il Papa would do well to look around. We know full well we’re way out ahead of the rest of the world. That’s why we’re expected to carry it. We do. We have. We will. It is the nature of a people with a full understanding of how blessed we are.

Catholic Charities has nothing on us. We don’t set demands about belief. We just give. Not to denigrate the incredible history of easing poverty worldwide that the Catholic Church can claim. Inner cities worldwide would crash and burn without the open hands of those faithful.

I think the Pope flew home with a much better understanding of the open handed, open hearted average American. Sometimes a tip of the beanie to those fellow givers who stride the world making it a better place for so many, is a reasonable recognition that, however we question, struggle, kick against the traces and the trappings, it is the nature of Americans to pick up the slack. To respond to need. To tighten our belts for our brothers and sisters, in Christ, or not. Because we can. We understand our blessings. Can we do better? Does the sun rise in the morning?

We are all called to carry. This Pope is late to the party. I wonder where he got his ideas about stingy and disconnected America. What’s he been reading? And what’s he contributing? Kissing babies is endearing. And easy. Riding in a Fiat instead of a Lincoln is an easy choice. Makes a great visual.

He’s been Pope for two years. Where’s the fix for his sick priests who used and abused parish boys? Hm? 100,000 abused? Is that a real number? That any of those predators are still free is a severe comment against the Church. He’s GOING to set up a tribunal?

It is time for him to bite the bullet. Time for him to avenge young boys at the mercy of the earthly ultimate authority: their priest. The whole idea enrages me. Powerless children preyed upon like they are part of a turkey shoot, and not the ones with the ammo. A holy man who spent six days here fronted constantly by his demonstrated love for children had better get it in gear. These boys deserve an avenging angel. Every day they are denied it is a day this Pope must explain.

Until then, this week was only about pomp and circumstance. Take the moat out of your own eye, Papa. Until you do, what’s your legitimacy?

There is no denying the outpouring of love by a million people in a single city. A winning personality, a gentle man, a wide display of unabashed believers were knocked over by their pontiff. No mystery here. He is surely the people’s Pope. That is a mantle of assignment to confront the problems plaguing the church universal. Worldwide, we need fixing! What an opportunity. What a calling. What a week in which the declaration against evil can be made. What a unifying goal. What if, as people of a world, united toward that healing, we undertook our own will to answer? What if we truly understood that every last one of us who draws breath picked up the laid down glove and answered the call with a clarion YES for mankind. Who could we then be?


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