A Little More Pope

Still just writing to myself. That’s okay. I like self-interaction.

Still thinking about the Papal visit. I have a problem with the Pope. How many years have passed since the explosion of news about priests sexually abusing boys? Five? And the Pope, who has been Pope for two years now, plans….PLANS…a tribunal to determine what to do about that.

Is he kidding? Sounds like our Congress, currently diddling with what to do about Planned Parenthood. Let’s keep funding it while we decide how bad it really is to harvest body parts from live babies. Is there a Nazi strain on the chromosomes of these people? Rarely at a loss for words, on this I’m pretty close.

Because I’m here, it would imply my mother made a good choice. I thanked her poorly with a very early debut, and as a preemie born at home, the hard work to keep me alive at 3 pounds seven ounces many decades ago, was daunting. When my father died, she was six months pregnant with my brother, one of the joys of my life. Had she chosen to abort him, I’d never have known this crazy wonderful guy who marches to a different drummer.

So it can be no surprise that I hold life sacred, holy, universally important, however difficult, impoverished, fragile. And I do not withhold my applause, nor do I frown at single moms. Those I know, to a person, without exception, work very hard, mostly on meager incomes, and value their children, encourage them, push them to be the best they can be. “Good job” is the least accolade I can bestow. Encouragement, interest in progress, and sometimes a secret handout seem so little in the way of help. They are carrying the load and mostly doing it well.

Where’s the Pope? He needs to step up to the plate. Clean his own house, call down justice for the males in his offending parishes, send his miscreant priests to jail.

Yes. We find him gentle and lovable, even with his finger pointing. His recent visit stole many hearts. His time with us in three major cities revealed a talent to teach, to preach, and to bestow papal love to the masses. He calls us to be better people. I’m up for that. But he needs to tend to his own business. He’s got a lot to clean up.

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