NO sleep makes a poor blog

I’m several days late to this work. I’m short 12 hours of sleep. Writing this now seems fruitless. I do have something to write about but need lots of time to decide how much of it should stay off the page. So I’ll hold that til it makes itself fully known.

A good friend had serious surgery this past week and we can hope, can’t we, that her outcome will not be too difficult. She’s not a saint, but surely seems close to it. I leaned all over her when cancer was my chum. Time to give back any way she needs. For now she’s resting at home and not talking very much.

The day is dark and dreary and the whole rest of the week is shaping up to be ugly. But my daughter will arrive tomorrow sometime. One can only hope she gets no speeding ticket. Again. It is a long boring drive and she tries to shorten it. I hope for no snow and safe traveling mercy.

Because she researches family history we might venture to the Cleveland Public Library downtown. Did you know their genealogy department is world class? Indeed. When the library was funded, the history staff was comprised of a number of women heavy into genealogy. They could spend the allotted budget however they wanted. So they exercised their hearts’ delight and bought every possible source for the subject available. Their stacks are better than any in England, and that’s saying something. And, wonder of wonders, though in England you can’t browse, so you’d best have your list of wants wired, here you can get into the stacks. The really rare materials are locked, must be ordered ahead, and white gloves are provided for page handling. But the sources available are the envy of major other genealogical sections in the world of libraries. And hardly anyone knows.

Yes, dear. So much is available on line now, saving us all the time and money to make libraries the choice of vacations. But not all are on line and not in your town. The Trenton Archives are chock full of material on countless Early American families, and if that is your heritage, you need to go there. Where the originals are stored in vaults, temp controlled and no you can’t touch the stuff. Someone will get you the duplicate copy. That will have to do.

The world of publishing still stymies me, but a friend sent me a Lucy cartoon on FB with Lucy telling us we should get to know our grandmothers while they can still tell us about the war years and how they carried the nation until their men came home. And the men had been forewarned by those women that the girls they left behind had moved on to become responsible, capable women. And by the way, it was a major blow to surrender the jobs they did to the men who needed them. Yes, they’d been warned, but the reality was painful. Being shunted aside never feels very good. Especially when you were so successful. That stuff festered, believe you me. Living up against those women was a trick.  If you have a granny in her 90’s, grab her and take notes. That crowd is dwindling very fast and very few of us have taken to the keyboards to record the changing of America right in front of out kiddie minds. That history is going to be lost and literary agents are the roadblocks. Because this is not their story, they have no interest. Well. Can you say Amazon, where something like 80 per cent of books there are self published? Think that could determine agents will be obsolete by their own hand? They work a risky business. I get that. But, know what? Most of us with a pulse deal with risk all day every day. Breathing is risky. Get over it. They have no idea how hard other people work. Very few folks get to snore through their days now. There. Time for dinner and a nap. Well. After a glass of pinot noir. I might do some snoring myself.



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