A day of rest and thinking

These are the times that try men’s souls. But not today, and that’s a stolen quote. Today I’m tending to my knitting, minimizing FB, and quipping with my daughter, that lovely, tart, sometimes acerbic and even droll woman with an impressive grip on the politics of the day. She retains all she hears…..forever….and where she heard it and who said it and probably what time of day. Joke. But close.

Yesterday we shopped. Neither of us mall shop. She lives up the road from the largest mall in America, square foot wise, and still building, but overwhelming too, so she rarely goes there. The Gucci store requires cleaning the window several times a day from the nose prints and the drool. No one goes in, hardly, but stares at the gorgeous work-of-art shoes on display behind the glass. The cost is beyond even the well heeled suburban Philadelphians. Two grand is massive. Per shoe. We know our limits. My urban mall is clearing the warehouses, with tons of goods on giveaway. Both of us are cheap. We splurge on bling but concentrate on well made clothes at the end of their season. Uh, that’s how we afford the bling. Classic is our style, which means if we can buy expensive, well made clothes not trending, we can get 20 years out of a well cared for sweater.  We’re not Brooke Shields…too preppy….but we are both classic. We both think we should be the star on the sofa, not our dress.

Yesterday, and the day before, we scored great buys and “needed” lots of replacement clothes. Hey. It’s a girl thing. Then we came home and poured out good tots of bourbon while we cooked a turkey and fixin’s. Bourbon makes a great turkey. Trust me. Put it in the prepper. Not on the bird. The hard part today is, we have no idea where we put things in the fridge. Oh it’s all in there. Should have made notes. Somewhere we’ll find what we need for turkey tetrazzini, turkey salad, turkey casserole with sausages, and then we’ll be turkied out. “Turkied” is not a legit word. Get over it. Writers have license.

Watch the President tonight. Print out his speech from the internet. Study.  Take notes. You’d be surprised how effective. I never watch. I listen because watching is distracting. His eyes widen noticeably when he lies or thinks he’s been profound. He looks down and to the left, a classic when dissembling. Look that one up. It’s a common thing we all do when being devious in any degree.

Don’t misunderstand. Like so many of us, I had such great hopes for this man. He demonstrated such potential. Studied. Focused. Attractive. Thoughtful. But I knew something most don’t. Abandonment at his high levels predict  dysfunction. He has all my sympathy. Hope is elusive. This time hope was deliberately stamped out. Disappointment in him is worldwide. Humanity was hopeful. That was a rare field for greatness. Missed. I never thought in my whole life that my country would ever be the one whose leadership is unwanted, mostly because it’s not really there.

Who buys that crap about we’re not exceptional? Really? Ever been anywhere? Just breathing, you are exceptional. Just getting up in the morning you are ahead of all others. Countless men and women before us made that possible. Don’t throw that away. It will be way much harder to rebuild. As my Mama said, “You gotta wanta.”. Sometimes real bad.



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