Meandering. Again.

A running argument with good friends is rarely productive especially since the subject is two-fold or of more than one subject on which we differ. It makes me discomfited for the whole day. I, a staunch conservative, find a surprising number of true liberals in the writing world, and should not be surprised at all. I think I must be the odd one, since I find few of my stripe writing.

Most writers are creative, romantic, and gifted in their work, which is also their play. Their view of the world is different. I don’t tend to surround myself with conservative thinkers, likely because I know pretty much what they think. So I’m a bit surprised at the resistance to my own thoughts on subjects of abortion and gun control. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, but when challenged on my own thinking about those subjects, I retain my right to my opinions.

Good friends are all too happy to correct my thinking. That is, I believe, a bad place to go. I’m no more convincible than they are, so the point is moot and the energy is wasted. Why are we bothering? But in the heat, it appears difficult for both of us to let go. We seem to have something to prove.

On a better note, my lyric essay class is shaping up to be more than just challenging, but a pleasure besides, once I could understand the rules or lack of, the point of lyric, and the letting go of structure. Happy to just let my mind write, and today I was surprised where it led me.

What is wonderful is the ability to park me and let my mind go where it wants. The surprise on the page is revealing, freeing and often an answer to a knotty problem I hardly knew I had. As if the mind is saying, look here’s what’s wrong and here is the fix.

You might give it a try. No one needs to know or see or hear, and you can delete to your heart’s content. But it’s a great way to get in touch with what your inner self thinks about. Oh yes, Virginia, you have one and it does think. And that’s my short for the day.

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