The crooked road of politics

Can there be any doubt that we fail to elect grown-ups? We are fatally stuck on party …..pick one….with poor choices continually. Is that because many of us vote party and not person? Doesn’t take any thought. Point and click. Back to the life party until next time.

But this time it seems we’re more than a little ticked off. “We” in my mind is the population at large. You do know…tell me you KNOW…that Social Security was supposed to compound ad infinitum. The sticky finger crowd was shut out of all that growing,  beautiful money just sitting there doing what it was intended to do. And along came Ted. Was he the culprit? Hey, guys and gals, we can borrow from that fund and just leave I.O.U.’s  to be paid at a later date. Was that date ever defined? The pot is empty, topped up to some nebulous number in some nameless person’s head.

That’s your money. You pay into it every year. And Congress takes it right out. Tell me again how much those folks care about anyone but themselves. No raise for seniors this year cuz no money. And you shouldn’t mind because the price of oil is down. Who in the world thinks like that? In your senior years how much are you driving? How is that a relief? Does Congress eat? Seen the price of groceries? Up, up, up.

I have drawn the conclusion that lying and conniving are the necessary skills to run for office. We have a plethora of qualified folks for that arena. Start looking at who wants that job. Vet the hell out of them. See who they really are before you cast your vote.

And make them start answering for those sticky fingers. Show up at their offices. Just for the fun of it. You should see their faces, as I did when I lived in PA. Took a full busload and arrived unannounced. The issue was the school curriculum slated for the state. OMG. They came to town holding each other’s hands to stand in front of us and say we got it wrong. Problem: everyone in the room studied the plan, was well versed and the challenges were amazing. For one brief shining moment, the perps realized they were naked before us. Ending: they got outta dodge and scrapped that awful plan.

Victory is sweet. Try it sometime.

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