Buncha of nuthin’

Wow. It’s still morning. I woke early to gray skies (again) but no fog, even though our temperatures are abnormally high. Happiness is when no snow falls.

My houseguest is still here and I am loathe to part with her. I grew up where all my relatives were within spitting distance, where grandkids bounded in and out of grandparent’s homes, where aunts and uncles were always around somewhere.

My generation is scattered. We all live on this continent and not at great distances, just far enough away to be an annoying distance. We maintain our relationships with text and phone and often, but face time is very limited. Just makes me miss family more and more. What keeps me here? Expense of moving, hassle of moving. Separation from great friends. And, truth to tell, I kinda like it here.

Even those few sentences put me right back into my memoir. I spent my first waking moments thinking about Rosie’s Daughters, and need to fill out that form and join. The National Convention is in June and I should be there with a book to sell. Well. Dreaming is cheap. Still, it might motivate me to get the thing out of my computer and to Createspace and Amazon. So far I hear not one single negative about going that route except that Barnes and Noble won’t put it on their shelves. How many of you go there for your books? I need to know.

It was an adjustment to kindle my reading material. I love the feel of a book, words marching across a crisp page. But I jumped that shark with relative ease. My iPad dates to the caveman era, weighs almost as much as I do, and loses its charge before I’m ready, but I’ve learned to read with it and like the convenience it offers. I’m stealing moments to read Longshot by Keith Baker and find myself caring about the principal character. I never read novels, but this one attracts.

It’s a lazy Saturday here, with nothing burning up a need or a desire. Husband is out walking in the warmth, daughter is lost in the medieval period hunting ancient ancestors, and I’m doing what you see after wrestling with the budget. Ugh.

Two white elephants to wrap for a zany party and an appetizer to prepare and I have the rest of the day wired.

Okay. I’m pushing the morning thing.  It’s about to be noon!


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