Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Prochoice people/abortionists/idiots think that “human fetus” as a term to describe, well, human fetuses, should be banned.  Excuse my ignorance, but what would be a more appropriate term? See, because what’s in there is, well, um, human. I mean, we would hope.

What else would it be? Puppy? Calf? Pupa? Alien? Piglet? The chronic and constant attempt to call a child in utero anything other than what it is, boggles the mind. Look. What kind of spine do you have? You won the argument in the highest court. So deal with what you are. Don’t be afraid to name what you do. Why would you hide it? Have you got hang ups you can’t deal with? Surely you are not concerned with my approval or lack of. Look in the mirror. See what you see. You are what you are.

But the court gave you no permission to dictate my response to your choices. You don’t get to tell me what my posture should be so you can be comfortable with what you choose to do. Hey, this is a free country. So free that you can murder babies and I can have the freedom to say it. Learn to live with what you are. Take your statistics and choke on them. No chaser. There are  consequences to everything. I have mine and you have yours.

What distresses me more is the callous position taken to defend the destroying of a life. I suppose three decades of exposure to the whole subject of pregnancy shapes my thinking. Daily interaction with women hoping to become pregnant, or hating being pregnant, or feeling trapped by yet another conception, or in tears because every month heralded the fact that the desired pregnancy didn’t happen, gives  you perspective.  So I can’t sustain, or even grasp the level of denial needed to insist that a baby is anything but, until whatever that is, is born. That it can’t be named for what it is until it breathes air. Body parts for sale are to remain undefined  and nonexistent until they actually are, and some individual gets to decide. And sell them.

My own position might be even more callous: you and you alone are answerable for what you choose to do. You are not answerable to me, up or down. But that you expect me to pay for it is morally corrupt. Pay for it yourself. That part is called accepting the consequences.

As a people, we have become very good at justifying nearly anything. What does not change is that we can’t pass on to others the results of our actions. Those things we have to live with. I don’t ask you to look at your circumstance from my point of view. Just like I cannot suspend my personal beliefs and foot your bill.

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