Yesterday was glorious, weatherwise. I actually cleaned up a corner of the garage. My husband took a good long walk. We are both tired of being house bound. Bad news, because Cleveland and environs weather is always iffy. We’ll be cozying up to spring like weather with some frequency until the temps actually hold to moderate. I know in my bones without reading the weather projections that we’ll have snotty snow on and off again. Because Cleveland.

The sun is shining today, blessed be, and though the air is again quite chilly, the sun beneath the high wind gusts is passing warm. I can’t believe I’m writing about the weather. Recalls my parents who made it their fave topic, causing my little girl mind to think they  were boring in the extreme. But back then, weather change didn’t affect my bones. I don’t actually recall being cold. I ignored weather. Unless there was a downpour or a very heavy snow…read 8 inches or so…weather just, you know, was. It determined my velocity and means of transport. That would be a sled or a pair of roller skates.

I find myself  marveling at the current female voice talking to me on the telly about climate. I have lived long enough to know weather is fickle. Weather happens. Global warming has steadfastly followed global freezing. Not all that long ago Time Magazine featured a coming Ice Age. Measuring weather against yesterday or tomorrow is hardly the way to look broadly at the history of weather on planet Earth.

It’s how I know Spring  is coming. Because it always has. In Pennsylvania spring arrives earlier than Ohio spring, by at least a half month. To one so resistant to winter, that is a big, big deal. To know that nothing I might want to plant should be done before mid May stalls my thinking and affects my mood. So I begin to really torment myself by looking for spring way too soon. The return of robins encourages.  The finches are already scoping out the false wreath on my front porch. The female has paid close attention, cleaning out what nest she left intact last year. Tidying up. The cardinal has decided it might be acceptable to nest in the bushes by my sidewalk. Things are looking good for early spring.

I didn’t use to have any understanding about snow birds and Florida. I get it now. It is still not something I will ever do, but I see why it appeals to so many others. I detest weather extremes like too hot and too cold.

I spent a fabulous time in Thailand, weeks and weeks, and was never dry. It was so hot and so humid I was soaking wet all day and all night. Depleting heat. Gallons and gallons of water. Thailand would not be my permanent home, ever. But there was so much to see and do that I could miraculously park my discomfort knowing it was not permanent.

So the parameters of Ohio spring are, for me, nearly perfect. Cool mornings and cool evenings that require a light sweater, and a light blanket after dark make me so much less body aware. I’m more awake, alert, energetic. More even tempered. Everybody is glad for me that spring has arrived, when it does. Trust me. It’s coming.

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