Why I’m not a believer

I was shocked and amazed this morning to open my Facebook account. There, unabashed, is a quote credited to Bernie Sanders, candidate campaigning for the office of the Presidency, saying, ” If you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” The response to that, appropriately, was, “I guess he hasn’t met any coal miners Obama put out of work”. The post is by @CounterMoonbat.

I doubt Mr. Sanders ever enjoyed the Sunday night supper of a bowl of watered milk poured over pretzels. Pat of oleo added. That was the best Mama could do. My brother and I lapped that up like it was special. SHE saw to it we didn’t know we were poor. The examining doctor for our physicals said we were staring at a case of rickets. Perhaps Mr. Sanders should give us a hard definition of “poor”.

Shock and amazement, why? Because a man who wants to lead the country apparently has no idea who the people are in the country. No one group in America today has the corner on poverty.

I was a toddler growing up in the early 40’s when there was as yet not a viable middle class. I didn’t learn that until recently. In these, my twilight years, I can see the possibility that, once again, there will be no viable middle class. There will be the political class. And the elite class. And the struggling rest of us.

Mr. Sanders needs to acquaint himself with Indians on reservations. He can find Appalachia on any map of the United States. He can find abject poverty in any large inner city of the country. He can find it right out here in the hinterland. I bet he doesn’t know any single Moms, either.  I think he, like so many politicians,  believes the United States of America is a patch called Washington, D.C.  To make such a statement to which I allude  tells me he’s a lightweight with little serious agenda except to hold the highest office in the land. Bernie, like so many of his ilk, is all about Bernie. Good for you, Bernie. But what rankles is that you want me to believe you give a damn about anyone else.

I’d rather you were filmed at a sit-down with the truly poor, the down and out, the ones who fall into the cracks, those with no safety net. The veterans, for pity’s sake. The chronically unemployed, the elderly with nothing in place to rescue them. The widows and the children.You know, Bernie, the great underbelly of a failing nation. All those great unwashed you just insulted.

Oh boy, yeah. This IS a rant. I want you to grasp why Americans are so fed up, so mad, so discouraged. So disillusioned. It took a very long time for us to face the naked fact that politicians are all talk and no walk. You all say what we’re dying to believe. I think we are finally done with that. We don’t want you folks and your rhetoric any more. How could an outsider be worse? We even look askance at the outsider who’s saying what we’re thinking. We don’t trust anyone anymore. Read that last little line again. Nobody. There is no champion for us.

What I have not said I also have not heard: You cannot climb back into our good graces. Your kind has worn that out. Indeed, it is not that we are slow learners, Sir. It is that we had hope even when your kind repeatedly conned us. Unhampered now with false hope, the large majority of us want a man or woman for our team. A leader who means their words. Who’s in it to win it for us. Up your game, all of you.

For the first time, I still don’t know who to believe, who to choose. So this time I will follow others I know to have a jaundiced eye, who can target the winner better than I. Who has a track record of wisdom and discernment. I’ll vote for the one with at least a few answers to our overwhelming problems. Because he’s mad, too, and screaming. I don’t have to like him. I have to believe him. And let me tell you, he’s convincing me.

One thought on “Why I’m not a believer

  1. AMEN BARBIE…..WE CAN ONLY PRAY THAT IF THE DONALD GETS IN, HE IS TRUE TO HIS WORD. Many bash him for his past….yet give Hillary and Bill a pass….I hope the Lord spares us from her….we have no idea of what kind of corruption blankets Washington ….how many are victims of the pharmaceutical power that keeps people from the medication that is needed and cannot be purchased due to high cost…..Medicare for all? it isn’t working now….what will the future be? why when all the people who hold government offices retire aren’t they relegated to Medicare because they can’t afford better insurance….Obama care is nothing short of as joke…..my automatic dictionary wanted to correct my one word Obama care to Obamas are are a joke…that too.


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