Sorting the Silly

Except it’s not really silly, the drivel, doubletalk, sly innuendo, the mud slinging, that the current crop of Presidential Candidates are spewing. The only worse behavior is that while people were being murdered in Brussels, the President was at a baseball game yucking it up. With the leader of the enemy in the stands behind him.

I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t give a damn because he doesn’t have to. I think some sort of fix is in and he’s just running the clock. We’ll hear it by and by, but for now, even how it looks does not matter and won’t affect anything at all. Initially, I thought how it looks and what he thinks are immaterial to him, because only a few months remain to create that “legacy” he wants to leave. But this posture he assumes will not make that legacy palatable. The level of his vanity says he must know that. So since I am a naturally suspicious person, I tend to think there is something I don’t know. Why do I feel it’s ominous?

I am certain that after this election I’m going to leave the party where I have been a member all my voting life. I will have to give very careful study to which party will be mine in the future….the pickings are very slim…and perhaps there will be another party surface with a platform I don’t have to be embarrassed about. I am hopeful, but doubtful.

When candidates begin throwing mud at each other’s wives, we’re off the track and the little red wagon in which we all ride is heading straight for the cliff with all of us in it. There is nothing to gain by waving a woman’s nudity to make a statement to me about her husband as a candidate. Unless she’s a spy for six of our enemies, shut it. And by the way, Ted, your skirts are not clean by any means. Your holier-than-thou constant posture makes me suspicious. You are trying too hard. What don’t I know?

Bernie wrote porn in his youth and it’s reported he said women dream of being raped as a fantasy. Why am I surprised that he seems to be a dirty old man with a clear disdain for women? Hilary seems to lack an honest bone in her body. I could write all day about Benghazi and the cover-up as the full display of how many ways she is corrupt. Then there is her husband and all his baggage, since it seems marriage mates are swept into this fray without compunction.

Mr. Trump is full of himself and lets you know it. When he says he’s the greatest, he believes it. When all you can find about him is that his wife posed naked, either you don’t know where to look to get the dirt on him, or he’s snow white clean. I doubt that. He is hard, rough, plays in a very tough category and succeeds. Mr. Trump’s problem is that he is the outsider in a tightly closed club and they don’t like that he’s having them on a daily basis. How dare he? He’s a boor. Loud. Unsophisticated. No polish. Struts. Swears. Calls a spade a spade. Tells it like it is. Just like many Americans. Oh. My. God. Ain’t it awful! That’s it? That’s all you’ve got for why he should not be President?

So far, none of these are my candidate. Including John Kasich, the spoiler.

No, no. It’s about the possibility of having the fox in the hen house. All those secret dealings by Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid  and Nancy Pelosi are going to be available for perusing. And likely telling. Look what we could have here: all masks off. Whoa. Now, that would be worth watching. And in the realm of the possible. No wonder so many pols are overdosing on the Maalox. Time for popcorn!


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