There oughta be a law

Some of us are quite computer savvy. Others of us….me…. are computer stupid. It is why I keep a guru in my stable. It took me one full hour this morning to reset a password that allows me to write at this site. That is patently nonsense. Sure. I understand protecting me. But I don’t understand protecting me from myself.

I am well aware that total nerds design this stuff. They really do get carried away with their desperate need to display their many incredible…and esoteric…skills. They show off ad nauseam. I get that. I used to be young and immature too. But here is a definitive clue if one truly is programmed to help: pretend every single person stumbling around….yeah, you see that, you do….is your grandmother. Pretend that your calling in life is to keep her from wasting precious time…..try to understand that at our age time is at a premium…and that your singular purpose is to expedite her need. She already knows you are smart as a whip. Which she’d like to take to your hide, and frequently. Gear down to something less than the heights at which you perform. Think kindergarten. For Grannies.

Ranting takes time away from my own goals. This was not going to be the subject of my blog today, but it will have to do.

To be useful in today’s world where time flies and we’re not having fun, succinct and direct is the ticket. Time is our most precious commodity. You, too, youngster, will recall this comment down the road a few decades away. Expedience becomes ever more important. Ask yourself how you can make this easier. The computer is a useful tool. It is not the arena for showing off. I don’t want to know that you know how to build it. I don’t want to be bedazzled by the mind boggling things it can do, where it can take me. I want to get where I want to go, not where you want to send me. I want direct and simple instructions. So dumb yourself down and stop the nerdiness. I do not want to be you. I want simple instructions. You might try looking up “simple” in the dictionary. You can find the dictionary on line. Read it. Do it. I shouldn’t need to jump through a dozen boxes to reset my password anywhere. It’s a given that I  need you. Don’t make it harder.


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