New life

Babies are the evidence that God still holds out hope for humans. God has blessed my  god daughter with one most precious. She is a lovely child with a beautiful name….Marielle…gifted to a perfectly paired couple who are over the moon delirious with joy, along with the rest of us who can’t get enough of this affirming event. We are so thankful that Mom and infant are doing well and trust that the challenges to get to this place are behind them.

Being a god parent to such a beautiful person as this new mother has been an ongoing gift we continue to treasure, and with the addition to her family, we know her husband and she will be exceptional parents.

I remember so well the day my god daughter was born. As I sift through my memories of the countless moments we’ve shared, all of them are edged with joy and laughter and always, hope. Walking with her through kindergarten, first grade, high school, college, and marriage to a really fine young man we all love, has been a privilege. This new child has been graced with parents who will love her into her adulthood way down the road, giving her the tools necessary to become a productive young woman in due time. Meanwhile, all of us will revel in the countless pleasures  and pitfalls that come in the episodes of a full life.

In the continuum we feel blessed to follow along as Abby and Scott raise their first child, knowing to expect the milestones such an experience brings. Well anchored in Christian principles, we know well where they go for guidance, opting for like-minded friends, and with a well developed sense of responsibility encouraged and assisted with loving family, they will embrace whatever life brings them, as they always have.

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