The miseries of Facebook

Hackers should be slow bled. There. Blunt. Unkind. And worthy. Invasion of privacy is a felony offense with prison time and fines. Most of us just solve the problem, dismiss it after repair and move on.  Other people, like retired and bored seniors, are excellent sleuths, with lots of time for the hunt. We should all be employed by Facebook and the like, where lots and lots of legal infractions of many types are in play. Yeah. Like FB cares.

Hackers also have time on their hands, want nothing better to do, and love hiding. Chronic traits of children who should be on a leash. Or a sword. But we all know that their motive is not merely to be an irritant. Oh no. They have very sinister things on their minds, little and undeveloped as they are. No one enjoys being on the receiving end of a deviant. Law enforcement ledgers are full of this abuse. Because many more of us now file the complaint. The complaint should actually be filed against Facebook who does next to nothing to protect us who use and abuse their website. With no visible attempt by the owner of the site to do what it takes to fix the problem, and no earthly competition in the market, they rightly earn the blow back they are getting in increasing numbers. No one is tending the store and the candy is not even boxed, but strewn about the counter as easy pickings. With sticky fingers.

 Everyone is fair game to the verbal thief. The toadies who work at FB complaints offer a nice tidy circular request to provide them with tools they likely already have, but it is easier to spin the complainer than to set about securing their website. They have giddily asked for the third time for my government provided ID. To which I reply, “look under the crud on your desk. You know,  under yesterday’s sandwich, the spilled beverage and the endless cracker and pretzel crumbs because you eat at your desk. Sloppily. ALL your bazillion accounts are at risk, right? Ho hum.

Suck it up, buttercup will be my theme for the day, but not the night. Tonight I’ll sing great songs in a large choir with orchestra at my church as we celebrate and participate in the National Day of Prayer, with purpose and praise, for we live in a land where this other nonsense sullies what wonderful freedom this is.

I’ll work on getting the identity of the hacker tomorrow. Didja know that was even possible? Ohhhhhh yeah! Leave it to the novice to unearth that lil truffle! Wow! after my session with my guru, I’m pumped.

Off to the headset, the practice CD and the Bose to nail down my music. Front row singers had best got control of all the words and notes cuz visible. This will be the highlight of my week.


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