The Way It Is

I’m fortunate to have an astute friend, politically savvy on many issues, who sorts the snow and identifies political perps so I can make some sense of it. I detest snow, especially the political kind because my discernment level is scary low. My friend, though, sees clearly even before the rain is gone, and eventually gets me to where I can see what’s ahead, no detours. What a luxury!

On the subject of fracking, which I support, understanding both sides of the argument well enough to articulate it is beyond me. So my guest blogger (sort of) is utilized here for shining light on the subject.

My guest offered an opinion, having read an article on the subject. I happen to agree and distilled what was lengthy from my guest.

“In New York State the word ‘fracking’ is worse than f*king’, NY being the home of the Angels. It sits partly on the Marcellus Shale Field. NY bans fracking. Likely forever. Even after say, the Second Coming.

Pennsylvania, home of the Devils, owns most of the Marcellus Field and practices fracking and worse-sells the product of it called natural gas, something like Rosemary’s Baby. The Angels and Devils share a border. Angels do not sin. Therefore, the proposed very short pipeline connection from Devil land to the actual natural gas pipeline grid in Angel State, aka Heaven, was seen for what it was: a direct attempt by the Devils to corrupt the Angels. See, Angels use natural gas but do not tolerate fracking. Rosemary’s Baby is anathema to Angels.

But Poor Sinners whose land might host this pipeline thought it might be a good idea to clear their lands where the pipeline would run, in case it ever does, and  cut some trees down. Well, it is their land, after all. They can sell their wood, too,  harvesting better than some contractor with ulterior motives could. Besides, the Poor Sinners were mostly jobless and needed filthy lucre. How else do you buy bread?

The NY State  ArchAngel found out, had a hissy and couldn’t punish the landowners so he went after the pipeline contractor for tempting the landowners in the first place. (Wish someone would find a similar patsy for when I OD on ice cream. I’d love it to never be my fault) The contractor should have known this would happen and should have stopped the Poor Sinners from felling their own trees.

You know, Scripture relates a similar story, told for a few thousand years. Most enlightened people call that a myth. As you can see, it must be that those enlightened people are fracking wrong.



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