A Little Personal History

I don’t do well with pontificators re weather. Even if it’s Stephen Hawking mixing weather with Donald Trump. It might be that Mr. Hawking is the smartest mind on the planet. I don’t buy that but hey, I know I’m nowhere near his pinnacle. I am a free thinker, for whatever that’s worth. He has a political bias right along with the rest of us. You could argue his opinions are weightier, but I don’t think that applies across the board.

I know what I see. I don’t always understand what I’m looking at, nor do I pretend to…not implying Mr. Hawking does, but I  wake in the morning to face the world just like him even knowing his is the harder road. I deduced that last night’s blowing downpour is responsible for the cicada pupa all over my substantial deck. Right there along with a smattering of hard-body adults. In their 17 year cycle, the cicadas are right on time with their dying. It’s going to be crunchy walking, out there. But I digress.

The political times are very wearing. Discerning truth from any candidate’s mouth is always difficult, even if you pay attention 24/7 and take notes. For instance, I scribble what HRC says and it’s my bedtime reading, where I discover  either I’m a poor note taker or she says nothing whatsoever, lest something of questionable substance sticks to her. I’d love to believe that’s the case, but I think she’s  a gifted grifter skilled at saying  little while sounding like a sage, except when she sounds like a shrew. When she sounds like a bag of wet cats, I turn her off.

I admit Mr. Sanders is mostly everyone’s grampa, a likeable old curmudgeon who gets pissed off once in awhile. It’s then that I begin to listen. He isn’t all wrong.

Mr. Trump excels at waking me up. He’s nearly always angry, and usually at the same levels and for the same reasons I am. The man has struck a nerve to which many of us are vibrating. Hey. There’s a whole bunch of what’s wrong with the country….by the way, WE are the country. He’s really talking about us more than he’s talking to us. Is he the fixer? I don’t know. I believe he knows what’s wrong and is saying it very loudly. Does his form of leadership compare to his ability to throw up magnificent buildings? I recognize him right out of my own history.

To assure you I know whereof I speak, I sat through countless township meetings listening to slick builders try to break down local zoning laws in Pennsylvania farmland. Their m.o. was mostly trying to wear down the very citizens who sold their property too cheap and now must surely be easy pickings to stint on zoning laws, building standards and whatever else we’d built into the mix. The developers flew into our tiny airport and stood with their lawyers before the zoning board to say in no uncertain terms our zoning laws couldn’t stand up in court. Long story short? They did. Developers learned the hard way that citizens could enforce their own building standards. In the time, ours was the most rural township in the state.This was my hot button. I memorized the building code. No computers then. Just slick lawyers.

 Mr. Trump is not scary to me. He ain’t no country bumpkin. He tells his truth out loud in an arena where that game is never on. That scares people to death. He’s his own man. Horrors! He YELLS! Yikes. He’s RICH! OMG. He’s as angry as me and saying so. People who know their own minds are real scary. You hang in there, media. You just make him look stronger while you throw  unlanded punches. Flea on an elephant, indeed.

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