A time for every purpose

I’m up early this morning. It’s cool after a night of low temps for this time of year. My Floridian sister emailed to say she’s only wet but not endangered by tornados. My Texan sister-in-law is high and dry in the Hill Country and not inundated by the flooding far below her. Good. Two concerns off my list.

A friend I sing with broke his tibia and is recovering in the Community Rehab in a distant town. For most of us that’s just a broken leg, but Bob has a complex physical condition that keeps him in a wheel chair except when he’s trying to get out of it. He requested a visit from his choir….would we come and sing to him….so we honored that and spent an hour with him singing a Capella and laughing together as is our common response to each other. That’s an hour’s trip coming and going from my home to his bedside but I owe him. And love him right along with everyone else. I stand beside him when we sing, leaning gently on his wheelchair to support my back while standing. Otherwise I guess I, too, would be sitting to sing.

Selfishly, you must know the varied reasons I do this. I love singing and doing it with this group of crazies for God. Whenever I’m with them, I come away happier. Twenty eight of us crowded into a small room, mostly filled with bed and an injured man, made for more than close harmony.

But it’s more. Camaraderie is a given. It’s easy to be with like-minded people, each of us different in so many ways, but in this ministry, the same. We focus on God and sing His praises because it unifies our purpose. I have read my way through the words of the Psalmist many, many times and do not find anything that says making music must be perfection. By definition that is not possible because we, the instruments, are not perfect. Getting as close as possible is laudable unless that concentration gets in the way of the worship.

Yesterday we sang simple songs, relaxing into those notes we’ve known, many of us, since childhood. Eight part harmony just flowed out of us, happy in our work. We worshipped together.

But the real treasure is the response to a simple request by one of our own: come and sing for me. How great is that! An opportunity to meet a simple need for a member wanting his community. Loving each other doesn’t need to be elaborate. Just show up!

One thought on “A time for every purpose

  1. Barbie….the perfect words of everyone who has ever been a part of Promise Choir….yes….loving friends…a very large gift from our heavenly Father!!! Bob is also a very special gift to all who stand with and help and love him…he too, is a very special gift.


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