Looks like a kazillion happy people celebrating in downtown Cleveland today, full of joy for the NBA win. Fifty two years since the last win, that’s a pretty dry spell. Cleveland fans resemble Philly fans with their loyalty.

Somewhere in that throng is my goddaughter and her husband, taking part in the history. Probably on Ontario at the Q, where the parade will start. Their new baby is living it up at home as she hosts her grandparents. The Cavs Championship Parade will start in a bit, but in the meantime the celebrants are enjoying the reason for the gathering. The sky view is amazing. A sea of people with one thing in common: joy in winning. Me? I’m content to sit in my loft with my bird’s eye view and my morning coffee while I wait with them for the parade to begin in a half hour or so. We’re waiting, too, for the team.

The Good Year blimp is panning the city and the Lake Erie shoreline on a dry-sky day gracing a minimum of 800,000 people high on happy. The crowd is still expanding as a historic day owns the city.  If good behavior reigns we’ll have a successful and memorable day. Likely we’ll top a million people before the celebration is over.

I remember my introduction to this city, amazed at how down on the place the citizens were. Unaware of the amazing value of its location, or its potential. With an undeveloped coastline we couldn’t get our heads around the failure to utilize its best asset. Nobody went downtown because what for? In my time here I watched a population discover its potential, but Cleveland pride seemed a long time coming.  All the focus, all the good feeling was on Columbus. That’s a nice city, its very face exhibiting a healthier attitude about itself. But what was holding Cleveland in self doubt and negativity? I had no appreciation for the influence of a team no matter the sport. I saw up close and personal how a losing team reinforces a poor self image.

This week Cleveland rediscovered its amazing self. It’s the culmination of multi-successes. The city is beautiful, physically.  This is the home of the renowned Cleveland Clinic and its Global Center for Health Innovation. Seidman. Metro Health. Cleveland is a major healthcare hub, world wide. We fight cancer here. Home of the Good Year Blimp. Moen. PPG. Sherwin Williams.  Clevelanders are incredible people and finally know it. Clevelanders are the people who make the business wheel go ’round. Cleveland pride is a reality. Today their identity resides in their winning Cavaliers.

Even I am pumped. GO CAVS!

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