Okay I’m Ranting

Am I bummed all by myself? Are we all just pawns in some enormous political game without boundaries? Does my vote ever count? Or is it a sop to convince me I have any say in the quality of my country, the part we think we play in our future, or the phases of the moon?

The quality of the office seekers in this nation from grass roots local to the WH makes me gag. I don’t really know a lot of things. I do know something about what I see. I’m very sure of what I smell. It is no cliché that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The players perform that dance daily, hourly, and they do it naked. Not even with the decency of a mask, let alone a fig leaf. Right there in front of us they tell what my mother called a whopper. Their whoppers are bold-faced without even the pretense of dress-up. That is the level of their contempt for the people of the nation. They think we’ll believe anything. Because we do! In general, we pay poor attention to their shenanigans until lo and behold, one day they stand before us lying through their teeth because they can get away with it. Pick a party, any party, that is their standard. They think we are dolts because our behavior is doltish.

 It takes time and effort to keep up with the field of liars who have known forever that we’re not watching. That our discernment skills are seriously lacking. That we are endlessly preoccupied with drivel and woe. Because we have mindlessly trusted them. Riddle me this, folks: does any political actor retire poor? The game is huge and you don’t get to play. You, citizen, get to pay. Beyond that, your input is nill.

Once I called the office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Last time I looked she was making law for the nation, not just for Florida. The snark who took my call told me I had no business calling that office since I was not her constituent. I enlightened her. Once your rear end has the privilege to be placed in a seat anywhere in DC where you cast a vote for the nation, you belong to us all. Every last one of us. You are answerable. You have no right to your attitude. I don’t care how tight your curls are.

Far too many of our representatives believe they are free agents. Really? Who writes your check? Who is on the receiving end of your decisions? You ALL had best climb down out of your ivory towers and put it together: you are in the sights of all voters, those who used to so trust you that we stopped paying attention to how you vote, who you are, where your office is. But across the board, the large majority of you are so disconnected from the people you represent that you believe you have free rein to kick over the traces that keep you in check.  Your arrogance is more than notable. It is repugnant. Puts a bad face on all of us. We are less for tolerating you. Little Debbie is merely your poster girl.

It is no longer just about party. All parties wallow in the same stench. Your disdain for your constituency damns you. You people crap all over your own privilege. You think you can get away with it because you have. Listen up. Methinks the worm has turned. Your pants are down. You are visible. All of you. Including me.

2 thoughts on “Okay I’m Ranting

  1. I hope you are right Barbie…what scares me are those .those Washington worms who know how to wiggle out of everything….like chance meeting on the tarmac at the airport….really…and the FBI who happen too be there telling reporters no photos…if it was innocent.let ’em take pics! Sorry, I am stuck on Benghazi….as well as a fearless leader’s comments on the relationships which caused the deaths of the Policemen last night….who is he kidding? lots of people!!! and I really do not like to pay for his use of Air Force One to support miss hillary’s campaigning!!!!

    How do we stop this machine???


    1. I highly resent his escorting Hilary in  the people’s airplane. And handing us the bill. Obama’s pov on the Dallas debacle are conttemptible and offensive. And embarrassing. I, too, can’t get past Benghazi. 

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