Have we seen this movie before?

Sometimes the outrageous needs to be answered. Far worse than a childish tantrum, where a sound smack restores order even if accompanied by screams and sobs, when the bullies on the world stage go off script and write their own plots, there needs to be a responsible adult to answer with a strong response.

Indulgent fathers have a single trait: INDULGENCE. Sooner or later Jane or Johnny grow up and behave responsibly. Nada. A falsehood. All too often indulging horrific behavior just begets more horror. Ditto big brothers who are handed the power to shape up their siblings. But all that aside, I don’t want a parent leading my nation. I want responsible  leadership. Someone with the courage of their convictions. Someone who will stand tall. We’re not the world leader for nothing. We have enormous responsibility, not to sit on our asses watching the third act in a horror film. This outrage isn’t going to stay “over there”.  There is a serious brat abroad in  the land, kicking over apple carts, bullying the weak, killing at random for their own agenda. Everyone is in their crosshairs. They have an abundance of hate. They are venting it unchallenged. Innocents die at their hand.

Explain to me in what world little children die in the streets because adults who can protect them won’t. Tell me why celebrants enjoying their freedom die because some useless pos thinks he must even the score in some scenario in his head. Innocence died in Nice yesterday. Everyone shares in this blame. Denial of a killer cancer kills! To stand in silence followed by platitudes is limp wristed and ineffective. It is an open invitation to the same brutality to our shores.

All our leadership is foolish, and hankering for a large dose of reality. Can’t happen here, huh? Any suit saying that and thinking he or she has a political future is pathetic. Are we all Montgomery? You who make these supercilious assumptions have your head in the sand while you leave the national ass bare and open to whatever buzzard is circling. You will be the hand wringers but not the ring leaders. I tell you this, in all sincerity: whatever comes for us will be your responsibility and you had better be formulating your answer for your guilt.

Allonde thought his nation was in the clear. He was wrong. As long as the world’s bullies remain unchecked and free to slaughter in the name of whatever, no one is safe. Do I have the answers? I have one: stand up to the enemy instead of waiting until you feel justified to do it, after he has blown up your house, obliterated your family. Understand this: France is your family. Your brother. Your sister. You know, that country that came to our aid when we were an infant country.  You have just been hit in your family. Why would I have any confidence that you, leader, would behave differently if that happened here on US soil?

America bears enormous responsibility. Shirking it only makes us vulnerable. We have on our horizon several who are quite able to do the hard thing, from both political parties. It’s not like we still don’t have a choice. Eight years of that is ending. It is highly likely that our pretense about choice is over. Destiny is staring us in the face  and we are not in charge of it. There is still time to gird our loins. Still time. But I fear there is not much.

One thought on “Have we seen this movie before?

  1. It’s coming down to this. On your feet? Or on your knees? There’s an ideology preaching from the pulpits to an Army with a gun who says clearly, “On your knees infidel.”
    You may not be interested in war, but it’s interested in you… Our actions in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Gaza, and Iran have a price. The bill is coming due.


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