My Bestie Writes

I have a guest writer today: My most favorite person, my gifted daughter, with skills which leave me in the dust. She lives in suburban Philadelphia, after years of living in the city, having graduated from Drexel University. She is the best informed political mind I know. For her, the subject is endlessly fascinating.  I can hardly keep the players….and the lies….straight. She has perfect recall re who said what, what they did, and when. So here is what she provided.


“Incredible” defined as not being believable, or credible. “Saints”- people you do not know. “Sinners”-people you do know.

In the City of Brotherly Love we have a few long understood understandings. It’s too provincial to call ourselves The Quaker City anymore.  William Penn’s Quakers are now, and have always been- Nuts. Won’t touch a gun.  Won’t approve if you do.  Don’t believe in law suits, like Shakespeare lawyers who were seen as a scourge causing litigation for  personal gain. Most politicians are lawyers. Quakers thought personal mediation (without remuneration) among parties with disagreements was much preferred. Today we call that the art of the deal.

Quakers here did incite and fully back a Revolution and a Civil War. Good couriers, doctors, lawyers, produce suppliers, they ran a great Underground Railroad, all useful for The Greater Good, and for the warriors actually doing the fighting. They all but wrote our Constitution as laid down here long before we stopped being Englishmen. But this is not The Quaker City  now, God being so out of political favor.

As crazy people, they resurrected the original Greek standards of democracy and created our Republic.  In the words of Ben Franklin, “if we could keep it”. Much like the Camp David Accords, he didn’t give it four years. So we’ve exceeded his expectations. No small thing. He didn’t think much of  run of the mill people. He did believe in their possibility and spent his entire life to that end.  He was in many ways a globalist as his place was deliberately populated with people from everywhere, unwanted in their own home countries. He clearly understood this was the foundation of a new nation. A sovereign nation. He laid a foundation for one that could last, if we weren’t complete imbeciles.

Today we face interesting times in interesting ways. Franklin, ever the Observer, would be absolutely fascinated. Part of it will happen in his City where he largely left us two legacies. Freedom from a tyrant government and the Quaker penchant for having a strong opinion. No, you may not prevaricate here. Not in this City nor in the Nation. Not ever. Ben Franklin was a devout sinner and a political saint.

This year we hear the last gasp of a generation who in their early 20s  assumed they knew everything. That was 50 years ago. These trend setters and arbiters seem not to have noticed for quite some long while that time and fashions actually do change. Now they’ve been rudely schooled. They’re passé. So they’ve given us a dead God, Political Correctness, Safe Spaces and a new devil whose name is Trump. They’ve come to Franklin’s city to claim his honor for their own while they crown a new Queen in his honor. Where else could you give a party nomination to a woman who got it in a rigged system?

I live here. I was raised here. I am a trained observer, like Franklin. While he did not think much of humanity in the immediate, he thought a great deal of its  potential in the long view. Or he’d have done something else with his time.

Like Franklin, we’ve seen the depravity of countless politicians. We boast three saints (there’d be a fourth but one saint’s brother remained secular in his good deeds), in a deeply Catholic Diocese. Where School Choice was established firmly in the Catholic school system, officially founded here by Saint John Neuman who had over 100 years of Catholic schools to work with. Anathema to our 99% Democrat politics of unionized public school teachers. Except when JFK wanted to be President and nearly every pol in this city attended Catholic schools or half the people they ever knew did. Catholics here are largely unaware of their Quaker roots, which William Penn gave them. Because his heretic Catholic English Stewart Sovereigns gave him (a Quaker) this land to settle a debt owed to their friend, Penn’s father who had seen them re-seated on the throne of England and who were run out of England by Parliament- for being Catholics…

In this fishbowl we’ve seen Sinners elected, time and again. We are not electing Saints. We don’t want saints in government. Saints expect us to be good. It’s not a church here, it’s a government. We don’t expect much of Sinners. Keep  crime to a minimum, clean the streets once  a week, plow the snow, but only when it snows ( so snow removal budgets in entries in July will not be acceptable. Call it something else, ya dolts!) And please, leave us alone. You  have a budget. We gave it to you. We know you’re fleecing it. Stick to it. That’s the deal. Is that hard?  No. It isn’t.

To that end, our pols get their cut and we don’t have to do their jobs., It’s not like we pay free-market wages for actual smart incorruptibly wealthy people to do it. A smart pol can get elected and promoted higher with relative frequency and do pretty well without ever going to jail for it. The occasional dumbass will actually sin and overreach to the point that we have to stop what we’re doing which was not the deal so we’re gonna slap your dumbass in jail. Like Abscam, Fumo, Fattah and his son.

A free and unfettered press was Ben’s pet peeve. He was a printer. Yep. Here in Quaker City everybody has an opinion. It’s bequeathed and required. Pay to play is one normal thing. Too much is another. And Fattah? He wanted to keep his Congressional seat, him a convicted RICO felon on 27 counts. Even Congress had to show him what a door is and what it’s for. He doesn’t need explaining. He is what he is, on a bridge too far.

Enter the Clintons. They and their fettered press will have a party in Quaker town like never before. Five decades of graft and corruption to rival that of the Sun King charmed by Ben Franklin some 235 years ago, costing the King and his wife their heads, ushering in the French Republic known as Bastille Day. Here, we’re not too big on coronations. It remains to be seen if a people knows how and when to say “you’re fired.”

And if Ben’s expectations finally do come true.


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