Silly Season. Again

I admit to  being a political junkie until I’m finally fed up and opt for movies that feature the Three Stooges. They don’t insult my intelligence. They give me slapstick and low comedy because they know I am at once intelligent and pathetically unsophisticated. The current comedy list of both political parties does insult my intelligence. They outright lie without compunction. Worse, they are poor at it. An accomplished liar garners at least limited admiration for daring and hoping to get away with it. Known as slick and cool. This current crop doesn’t even bother because they  don’t care if they get caught. They depend on my overlooking it because most of us out here don’t care enough to make a federal case out of it. Hey. It’s a federal case!

I should be too jaded to care.  I admit, that’s a real temptation. I still expect somebody, anybody, to try to come close to the truth. So trust is a huge issue. I don’t think I’ve become too clever by half so that I can discern lies and half truths. I think the perps of politics have such disdain for me that they don’t bother to pretend. They just openly lie. Catch me if you can. Make something of it. Go ahead. I dare you. Such an attitude tells me  bothering is futile.

For the first time in my life I considered not voting. Note the past tense. I gave it a lot of thought. Then I remembered: to thine own self be true. Not voting only cuts my nose off to spite my face. I have a responsibility and a privilege to exercise this nearly holy right, something someone fought and died for me to have. Walking away from it sullies those sacrifices. That the choices seem poor does not excuse my civic duty.

I’m not stupid. Neither candidate is heart warming or very likable. I know my country needs someone unafraid to do the hard stuff. We have too long been assailed by the weak kneed, the self interested and self preserved who love their cushy jobs. And don’t bother talking to me about how hard my congressman works. Three days a week, 200k per year to spend that time promoting themselves to guarantee another term at the trough? And having the gall to say that’s required to keep them in office so they can what, represent me? Kidding? Hundreds of thousands of Americans sneer with me at that. Big news at the DNC: the system is rigged. Really???? Ya think? Hey, Bernie, you are way behind the curve. You want credit for finally saying it? Nada.

What do I notice? Performance. It’s the only real measurement of that one  who got elected to represent you. Who have I got? Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown. Good luck with that. What do I want? I want a man (or woman) on fire.

I know very little about how outcomes occur. I do have my doubts that the voter has any input. When the very people running tell me the fix is in? Folks, then this is a very expensive charade and for the life of me I don’t see that such was the vision of the founding fathers. This I know: when the manager is not watching and has no standard, the job doesn’t get done. the cotton doesn’t get picked, the ship has no course. That’s where we’ve been. It would appear that this year America is awake and saying what the hell is going on here! It’s a little late to be asking. What you were was sleeping. Keeping tabs on your employees takes vigilance and precious time.

I know one thing more: in politics you get what you deserve. For questions you didn’t ask. For not paying attention. For being too lazy to march yourself straight to your representative’s office. I took eighty women with me once. That’s a bus load. Straight to Harrisburg. Ever want to confront naked fear? Do it. You will experience voter power. Those reps reversed their bad decision on education of children in the public schools in my district. And in that time gave power back to the teacher in the classroom. The fancy marketers took their airplanes and went home. Well. That was before teachers unions.

Know this: exercising your power with your vote is very hard work. Go to school on this one. Elsewise you have no power at all. Was it Jefferson who said these folks bear watching?

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