Jaded and Disgusted

Anyone else sick of the atrocity we call the campaigns? Do you feel wooed or bludgeoned for your vote? Are you surprised that at this late date Republicans want to yank the candidate the people chose because they don’t like him? We can say with assurance they don’t like the people’s choice.

I’m electing the cooking channel as my escape. My head hurts from the blatant half truths and lies on both sides. We have one so gifted at falsehood that she should win tournaments.  Such honeyed lips never spewed such spun sugar putzing up the vitriol. But it doesn’t matter which side is mentioned; what I see is ridicule and contempt for a man they accuse of ridicule and contempt. I pay close attention to politics, especially in election season. I can’t recall such blatant disregard for the voter or such calumny from the media. The latter is the more troubling. That engine is running hot to make the decision on how they will twist the material all day long ad nauseam, to shape the outcome. I feel the hysteria rising at what they thought was a fix. It’s leaking out between their fingers.

The swords are drawn. The battle is engaged. It’s for real. One party has held this nation in disarray for decades. That will not get better any time soon whoever is placed at the helm. It’s not looking good with 100 days to go. An awful lot can go south in that time.

For myself, I believe it’s time to hibernate, since I have made my choice. For which I will hold my nose. And pray we will survive the outcome. By  now no one can remain naïve with their head in the sand. Both corrupt parties are so hell bent on having their way that they are out front on this without shame. Okay, so you got me, America. So what? Is the current posture

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