We Rest in Bad Hands

Some days it’s a bad idea to get out of bed. I know it is the thing I should do, especially after two days of nonstop struggle with a stroke victim/ retiree whose whole life was his work. Some things can’t be helped. I just know that the “kick the cat” syndrome, while normal behavior for some, fixes nothing.

Today’s mean temperature is conducive to long walks. Humidity is low, the sky is clear, the air is dry and giving thanks that one can actually walk keeps my perspective in check. We have so much to be thankful for, here in my house and in my country.

The stroke was mild with little residual damage. A stubborn hand, unfortunately a right side stroke which affected the left hand of a left handed man. Who can write quite well, thank you, but has less command of his nerve endings. I, too, have neuropathy in both my hands and both my feet. I can sympathize.

It is all too true that aging is not for sissies. Time is telling us we’re on the down side and not aging gracefully. Well. We live in trying times. Seniors in America have the dirty end of the stick and no champion. Because this government, taking advantage of every possible pocket, continues to rob Social Security, while telling us plain that nothing ever said we are owed that. Well, if SS ends, and it will, put zippers on your pockets because the DC hand will target any source of your income as theirs. We should have put a serious lock on it. What we have is a treasure box of IOU’s from your friendly congressmen, who have no serious intent to replace what they “borrow” from the aging American population. I’m being kind here. What they  practice is grand theft against a block of Americans they consider fair game. Somebody’s got to pay the bills. It has always been Papa.

And surprise, no one wants our vote. We are not taken seriously. Who is courting us? Have I missed something? What we get is the bill. We should take lessons from the louder folk who muscle their representatives. They are less sedate. Have had lifetime practice. We, the weary, can’t guilt anyone. We wouldn’t if we could. We are better then that. For many, poverty is the reward. Do you have a clue how many have nothing but their social security monthly check?

Someone asked if we get a pension. Someone has no freaking idea that such a thing rests in antiquity. Teachers, unionized, get pensions. I know a few. They whine that their pension is too small. They were surprised to learn that pensions are rarities. White color workers in industry have no pensions. Investments are never guaranteed. Can you say Enron and WorldCom? Did you know lots of successful men lost their whole substantial nest egg with those scams?

I don’t always know what’s on my mind when I sit down to write this blog. Whatever lurks there makes itself known through the keyboard. This post is not uplifting. Likely because I believe that, in my lifetime, the nation has never been confronted by such a pair of losers who want to be in charge.  Do you not quake in your heart to understand that most of the population believe the election will be rigged? We are cynical with very low expectation, which makes my hair stand on end.

I firmly believe we get the people we deserve. This election will tell me a whole lot about who we are. I do not expect it to be pretty. Few of us have any admiration and almost no trust for the two candidates we’re offered. If that doesn’t frighten you, you are simply not paying attention. Because one of them will win. Whoever it is, I pray we will survive them.



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