Pond Scum

I can’t recall another time when the political campaigns were so ugly. Neither party presents a candidate who shows any sign of dignity, respect, decorum, while they pretend to truly care for my well being as an American. Yes, I know in other eras the mud slinging the name calling, the cheating and the lies demonstrated far and wide the low-life condition of politicians doing their best to decimate each other while duping the public they purported to serve. I can’t see any change. I know what we’re treated to on an hourly basis reflects our basest motivations. I ask myself most days if the two candidates are really the best we can be offered. I don’t like my conclusion.

Haranguing me merely delays my attention. Lying is a skill neither candidate owns. This is in-your-face dare to call me on it lying. Crass and blatant, with no regard for even basic intelligence. Which boils down to contempt. For the first time in my seven decades I am sorely tempted to deny either candidate my vote. Staying home has its appeal. But then I shirk my duty. So I’ll bite my tongue, cool my jets, and pay less attention to the daily abuse delivered by both parties as they attempt to purchase my support with empty promises and casual insincerity. I can expect poor performances from  both, whichever one wins. I deserve better. Better is not what is going to happen. Likely rigging the polls is what we’ll get. Again.

This year I will, for the first time, change my party registration. No more with Republicans or Democrats. There is not an ounce of honesty to be found on either doorstep. Corruption reigns supreme in these United States. There cannot be any other conclusion. Reading this morning the opinion of Mr. Strickland re the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia literally caused me to gasp. I don’t gasp easily. His comment was stunning. Welcome to Ohio, folks. This little piss ant is unfit to tie the shoes of the nearest street walker, let alone lead a state in any capacity. This is not about the pros or cons of Justice Scalia, but about the paltry substance of Ted Strickland.  I am convinced he’s less than mediocre, which is an indictment of all politicians.

I give you Mitt Romney, who sure snookered me. He’ s too late to his purpose, thank goodness. He never dreamed Donald Trump would beat out 16 other candidates for his bid for the presidency. And now, this quick thinker dreams of shoe horning himself back in just to give us Hillary Clinton. Hillary might be your choice, but her quantity and quality are not my point here. Hilarious because he’s telegraphing that omg, The Donald might just win! This is the point: Mr. Romney, listen up. The people made this questionable choice in this time and this place precisely because choices are close to slim and none. The people have exercised their right to choose. Mr. Romney is yelling Nooooooo from the sidelines. Mr. Romney had his chance and he stepped aside. Too late, bro. You clearly have true contempt for the people you abandoned. You followed your orders and rolled. Go away. Leave us to our miserable choices. Shut up.

There was never a time when politics was noble. The very system is corrupt, which is why it attracts the corrupt. That is reality. And it’s on us. Why are there not term limits for the pork eaters? Why do we put up with this? Because Americans are politically lazy. And trust  me I know the impossible number of hours daily just to pay attention and keep track. Who did what said what, and when. We tolerate and even encourage the dregs of society to even get near the seats of power. We get what we deserve because we don’t demand better. Put that up on your mirror and read it every time you complain about poor leadership. Because in your own way you say that’s what you want.

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