Competence, much?

To sort the truth these days is more than a challenge. It’s mind boggling. Coated in pc, or politically correct, peering behind the veil and recognizing that the wizard is just a little old tired man trying to sell me something unidentifiable, I feel deceived because I am.

So, what to do? I’ve joined the click click click across the land as television and radio blink out. That is true never never land for me. Talking suits are paid way too much, Imo.  They have no idea what is really important, hype trivia nonstop and never cover what really matters.

Even the dullest of us can recognize outright lies. That is what is offered in this day and age. Maybe it’s always been so and I’m just copping to it. Nah. My discernment button is working just fine. But what I think I’m saying is that the media think I’m still stuck on deaf, dumb and blind, fed with their Pablum. They are so careless with that attitude that they do not know they have become the naked emperor, and I can see right through them. So can you.

But they get away with it because as a people we do what I’m contemplating: tuning out, turning off and walking away. Why would I abandon my vigilance? Because, like so many, I am overwhelmed, which is the plan. An early president once said about politicians that they bear watching. So does the media. Full time attention only makes me realize how close to helpless we are to keep up with the sorting.

The better plan is to be very  selective about where I get my news. Choosy about who tells it to me. Limit my time at this pig trough. Nonstop news isn’t healthy. Glued to the telly absorbing every next twist on the take is plain stupid. Someone once said television is the great wasteland. That’s still true. The manipulation, especially now, looking forward to the coming election, is eye popping.  So. Time out. This little screen in front of me is where I am this morning, working on the never ending memoir. Tailoring, stripping, tweaking, the story of my childhood bringing itself closer to life. And the bookshelf and the kindle. And you will be the first to know to run to Amazon to buy it! But not yet. Peer review is on the horizon, where six or so total strangers but excellent readers will say yay or nay before it is a go. Confidence and trepidation are two signs of the same coin. Not quite like birthing a baby but close.

In this phase of my life I know what is pressing importance. It’s not the suit that holds the person who covets running the nation. When was the last time we had a competent leader? Notice the word I chose.

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