Sometimes I’m simply stupid.

I can be so obtuse. By now I should know not to argue politics with anyone, least of all people I’ve never met, and never will, who think that their outlook overrides that of those who disagree. I must say they are not sages, any more than I am. Enough, already.

The day is beautiful, clear blue sky, empty of clouds, air dry and clean. My back is healing well, though I walk with pain after a half hour and need to rest it. That is huge improvement, however limiting.

I completed my assignment for Bible Study Fellowship and am ready for tomorrow’s time in the study. This year it is the Book of John, the favorite of Jesus, who understood and wrote about Jesus as the Light. I love this study and hear John loudly.

I’ll pack for the short trip east, take my time and be grateful for the forecast. Sam no longer can drive, with his peripheral vision compromised, so all of it falls to me. Fortunately I love driving, especially in good weather. It’s still too early for gorgeous foliage, but then there will be no snow either. A dear friend who is several years my senior, just drove from Maine to Virginia and back . We are both aware and astute, taking driving in stride. The don’t forget it list is longer now, but we have several days to get it done.

We are at that age when reunions mean a luncheon, no longer a party, with shorter hours, and less fuss. It should be about reacquaintance, not the dress or the place. I finally caught up to the second VIP male in my life, after a month of not being able to locate him. He’s in his nineties and a bit slower but not much. A gifted physician, his mind is agile, holds strong opinions and most of his teeth. Too bad for me, he lives on the left coast, a trip too far, so we are glad for the phone. He has moved from the beach north to wine country. I envy both his abodes and long for his new location. I have been so fortunate to have had several men in my life who shaped my world view, lent me their wisdom and given me much of their time. I wish some newer acquaintances had had the benefit of his knowledge, his understanding about how things really work, and in this time of political confusion, he still sees with clarity who is the least dangerous and who is most. He is a liberal, currently disillusioned about that, so unhappy with his party, and I am a conservative, feeling the same. We make great room for the opinions of each other and that is a gift we never take for granted nor do we trash. We do not try to convince each other of the supposed correct path. Hard to come by in this day and age.

This has been a relaxed day without contention. I must divorce myself from fruitless argument, preserving myself against assailants who truly believe they owe it to themselves to help me understand the error of my ways. Reading that, I laugh out loud. Mama always said it is insanity to stand in front of moving trains.

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