Talk about controlling! The gatekeepers at wordpress seem to thing I’m a secret agent and this user is holding top secret data! I hardly need all that much protection, but thank you very much. I think. I wonder what the point is. Very little of my life is secret and not of it is of the top kind. Unless I’m the Manchurian Candidate and don’t know I’ve been programmed. How do I find that out if no one and nothing can identify me for myself?

How ridiculous is this? I’ve been away from my computer for weeks and it has forgotten me and all my passwords. How’s that work?

With the passage of time, the election of a new President (elect) and the usual squirrely stuff that appears whether I want it or not, on my computer and my phone, I think to pull all the wires and plugs that allow invasion to my world and just do the hibernation thingy.

I’ve lost my computer guru to my husband and while I share her, he does not reciprocate so I’m winging it on my own. Which means I’m lost in these here woods. Goodness knows what I’ve scrambled or disconnected or deleted.

In passing, she said to look at my updates. Updates? What updates? Where do they hang out?

I don’t even have time for this today. And not much interest. The last of autumn beckons so I’m not going to dither further. I’ll check back in next week to see if anyone at all is reading me. Hmmm?

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