Rioting at Berkley? Am I in a time warp? It would appear we are never going to grow up. Tantrums have erupted again as the child’s method of hoping to get his own way. The bad news this time is that the majority vote still wins in these United States and kicking walls in and setting fires are no more effective today than on any other. The right to protest gives no right to burn down the property of others and negates any possibility of giving attention to objections about who is President, duly elected by the people, not tolerance for anarchy. Peaceful better be the operative word. I know, two syllables is difficult for the miniminded. Get a clue. The election of President Trump is legitimate. This is how we select our leaders. Get over it or find yourself some place where you will be happier. Those are your choices. But you have another. Next election work harder to win your candidate. But first you need to seriously consider how you failed this time. For now, President Trump is our leader. Get behind him. The nation did that for Obama for two terms. The party of Democrats is failing the nation with its hissy fit. Republicans set them a better example while we tolerated eight years of an abysmal leader, however much loved by his constituency. That is how democracies work. Anarchy brings nothing to the table. Nor do tantrums from poor losers.

Today protestors can be crazier than yesterday. Today the Leftloonery is calling for our military to do the sensible thing and overthrow “our crazy dictator” Trump. That ilk is insane. Begging for a coup is a well thought out strategy, oh yeah sure because impeachment takes forever and a day. Guns, too are bad cuz not politically correct. Where are your heads? Up where? I think miscreants might think to petition Maduro or Beijing to do a proper job. Better yet, move there.

While thinking about it, figure out the lies you have bought into, the immaturity of today’s anarchists, the thinking that destroying and demanding is acceptable or effective. Behaving like three year olds who can’t get their way is hardly effective in any world.

Our liberal left is wide eyed staring while watching UK ignore the message Labour and its predictable failure. Best be taking notes.


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