I’m for the Birds

It’s a cold 45 degrees this morning, but walking weather for my husband. He’s been gone for a while, so perhaps it isn’t as cold as I think. He’ll return just as I start to fret that he has been gone too long.

He has bird company. Sunday past, robins carpeted the front lawn, tugging and pulling frantically to unearth worms. They seemed ravenous. Today there is a finch eyeing her last year’s nest as she perches in the sleeping dogwood by the kitchen window. She chases off other birds interested in usurping the ideal location, sheltered from weather, and hidden from the street. Last year she clutched four times. This is her well established territory.

This morning the resident lonesome dove cooed outside my bedroom door. I’m glad to see her. In a day or two she’ll present a twig or two for my inspection, before she begins to construct this year’s abode. I take comfort in her constancy. This is her place and she protects her territory with ease.

I’m pleased to see no tree or roof damage from the weekend’s heavy blow. My house is quite sound, but this storm made itself known and listening to its marauding around the perimeter and tearing down the wind tunnel between me and my neighbor gave me a solid flavor of the power of air moving at 50 mph and higher. North of us, my friends at Bay saw downed trees and power lines. Here at the lower edge of the storm, we were spared and entertained, but never in danger.

Time for hot soup and a sandwich so I’d best get to the kitchen. The walker is home and hungry. He is back to normal and carries a single impediment from his stroke, so mild as to not be noticeable unless you knew him from his twenties.

This month we’ll celebrate 59 years of marriage, humble and thankful for our time together. Looking back across that time, we know we are blessed with perseverance, patience and enough love and good times to keep on truckin’. Grace is a magical thing. We have learned that life just is. It brings whatever it brings. Ours is to stay true to the path marked out for us, and to be diligent and thankful about walking it together. To keep making space for each other, to tolerate our idiosyncrasies and to know full well we are still up to the task, for therein lie all the rewards.


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